War Commander | Zombifier Bombs Raptor Schematic

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

War Commander Zombifier Bombs

Benefits of the War Commander Zombifier Bombs:

Adds Infect Status ( War Commander Zombie Plague ).

Increased Damage to Buildings.

Each pack Unlocked contains 3 Zombifier Bombs.

ZOMBIFIER BOMBS : + % Damage to Buildings • Adds Tiny Chance to Raise Fallen Enemies as War Commander Zombies

The War Commander Zombifier Bombs was introduced via the Event Shop during Operation: Undead Swarm.

The War Commander Zombifier Bombs are a War Commander Tech component for the Raptor's M61 Vulcan Cannon slot.

The Custom Icons of Units equipped with a Limited Tech Components have a Red Glow.

“ Pack of 3 Zombifier Bombs for your Raptors. These limited components turn your enemy's defenders into your own undead army. ”

— Event Shop Description

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