War Commander | Zombifier Flame Assault Vehicle Schematic

The War Commander Zombifier Flame Assault Vehicle Schematic Adds a Chance to Turn War Commander Last Stand Defenders of Infected Buildings into War Commander Zombies That Fight For You.

Infected War Commander Vehicles Will Also Release One Zombie Upon Destruction.

This War Commander Tech is Currently Unavailable for Unlocking and Requires a 6 Workshop to be Unlocked.

The War Commander Zombifier Replaces Fire Weapon with a Status Effect weapon that produces the War Commander Zombie Plague Effect.

Produces a change to raise fallen enemies as Zombies

Additional Damage to All

The War Commander Zombifier was introduced via the Event Shop during Operation: Undead Rising..

The Zombifier is the only weapon that allows Players to utilize the Status Effect : Zombie Plague.

The War Commander Zombifier only provides a chance of turning Last Stand Defenders into Zombies. This chance increase as the Zombifier Level increases.

The Zombifier was awarded exclusively to the Top 3,000 Players appearing on the Leaderboard at the conclusion of Operation: Undead Rising.

The War Commander Zombifier was the 2nd prize to be offered as a Leaderboard Prize, the first being the R.U.B.I. Model which was awarded to the the top 20 players on the Leaderboard during Operation: Red Sky .

First Vehicle Schematic Component to allow the use of the Zombie Plague War Commander Status Effect and be awarded based on the War Commander Players Leaderboard position. - Top 3,000 Players

“ Turn your enemy's last stand defenders into mindless zombies! Earn it by being on the top of the event leaderboard! ”

— Event Shop Description

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