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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

War Commander Zombie Boss

Infected War Commander Buildings Spawn Enemy Zombie Last Stand Defenders Upon Destruction


Single deployment units are Single Use - once deployed they cannot be used again (even if they survive battle).


War Commander Single Use Units don't have a Production Limit but is limited to as many as you earned.

The War Commander Juggernaut Zombie produces the Status Effect : Plague (Plague-ICON).

The Juggernaut War Commander Zombie does High Damage.


The Juggernaut Zombie War Commander has relatively High Health.

The War Commander Juggernaut Zombie is weak to Explosives.

The Juggernaut War Commander Zombie is susceptible to producing the Status Effect: Napalm (Napalm-ICON).

The Juggernaut Zombie War Commander may be stunned by weapons producing the Status Effect: Concussion (Concussion-ICON).

Appearance History

War Commander Juggernaut Zombie Appearance

The Juggernaut Zombie was created by Zachariah Kane, War Commander leader of the Kane's Forces Rogue Faction.

The Juggernaut Zombie first appeared in Operation: Undead Harvest ( Oct 26, 2012 ).

The Juggernaut Zombie moves on "All Fours" like a Gorilla.

They appears to have a American Flag on their chest and a orange beret on their head.

The War Commander Juggernaut Zombie can be controlled by the player in Operation: Death From Below by destroying the War Commander Zombie Lab.

Pixel Sheet Code: 103 & 103.dead

“ These monsters are much tougher then normal zombies. ”

“ Tanky high health zombie that deals heavy Area of Effect damage. ”

— Kixeye Description


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