War Commander | Zombie

War Commander | Zombie

Single deployment units are Single Use - once deployed they cannot be used again (even if they survive battle).


Single Use Units don't have a Production Limit but is limited to as many as you earned.


Infected Buildings Spawn Enemy Zombie Last Stand Defenders Upon Destruction

Stat Progression

Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade

Time Per-Build Production Cost Speed Health Range Damage


Metal Oil Thorium Metal / Oil Thorium

1 N / A N / A N / A N / A N / A N / A 1.2 141,000 40 5,250

Key Features


The Berserker Zombie produces the Status Effect : Plague (Plague-ICON).

The Berserker Zombie does Low Damage.

The Berserker Zombie may split into a Half Berserker Zombie upon death ( see below ).


The Berserker Zombie has Low to Average Health.

The Berserker Zombie is susceptible to Machine Gun and Flame Weapons.

The Berserker Zombie is susceptible to producing the Status Effect: Napalm (Napalm-ICON).

The Berserker Zombie may be stunned by weapons producing the Status Effect: Concussion (Concussion-ICON).

Appearance History

Berserker Zombie Appearance History


Special Event Undeadharvestevent Operation: Undead Harvest

Special Event Operation-UndeadRising(SpecialEventPageBox) Operation: Undead Rising

Shadow Ops ShadowOps-KanesForces-Lv45 In All Target Bases during Cycle # 4

Thorium Deposits Thoium-Deposit-MapIcon-Large October 15, 2014 Thru October 30, 2014

Special Event UndeadSwarm-(SpecialEventPagePic) Operation: Undead Swarm

Shadow Ops ShadowOps-Corpus-MapICON-Lv70 In Level 70 Target Bases during Cycle # 16

PvE Defense Onslaught

Special Event EventSquare-NightsEnd Operation: Night's End

Appeared Only On Dates Listed. For More Information See Zombies.

Additional Information

The Zombie, when their Health has been depleted, may split in half leaving only the Upper Torso.

Upon spitting they regain full Health and continue to attack by pulling themselves forward with their arms but at a slower rate.

The Zombie is immune to the Concussion ( Concussion-ICON ) Status Effect


The Berserker Zombie was created by Zachariah Kane, leader of the Kane's Forces Rogue Faction.

The Berserker Zombie first appeared in Operation: Undead Harvest ( Oct 26, 2012 ).

The Berserker Zombie is produced by the Reanimation Suit, an Epic Tech component for the Valkyrie Schematic.

These Berserker Zombies may be controlled by the Player.

These Berserker Zombies are one of the Last Stand Defenders spawned from a Plague infected Building.

The Berserker Zombie can be controlled by the player in Operation: Death From Below by destroying the Zombie Lab.

At Operation: Resurrection the Berserker was one of 5 zombies to be allowed to be owned & controlled by players. They are marked as Single Use

Pixel Sheet Code : 100 & 101


“ These basic zombies want brains and will destory anything trying to find some. ”

— Unit Unlocked


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