War Commander | Winter Onslaught Trophy

War Commander Winter Onslaught Trophy

BUILDING DESCRIPTION A ornamental monument to commemorate a completion of a PvE Defense. This building may not be upgraded.

War Trophy Placing & Stashing

War Trophies, once unlocked, are available to be placed in the Player's Base by accessing the War Trophies Tab located in the Buildings Menu.

War Trophies may individually be Removed or "STASHED" from a Player's Base at any time via the "Right-Click" Menu of the Trophy.

War Trophies that have been "STASHED" may be again be placed in the Player's Base at will via the War Trophies Tab.

Event Exclusive Prize Wave 55 Winter Onslaught

War Trophies are Event Exclusive and only Available for Events Listed

The Winter Onslaught Trophy preforms no actual in game function and is purely ornamental.

The Winter Onslaught Trophy can not be Targeted or Destroyed by any attacking Enemy Unit.

The Winter Onslaught Trophy may be placed anywhere in a Player's Base, both inside and outside the base's Building Zone.

The Winter Onslaught Trophy was the 2nd PvE Defense Trophy to be introduced.

The Winter Onslaught Trophy has a 4.0 x 4.0 Footprint.

Building Pixel Sheet Code : 133

“ Survive all Onslaught defense waves to earn valuable prizes and and EXCLUSIVE trophy building for your base! ”

— Prize Description

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