War Commander Bases | Winter Onslaught

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Winter Onslaught

War Commander Winter Onslaught is the 2nd PvE Defense Event to be presented in War Commander.

PvE Defense Events are Mini-Events .....

Event Information


EVENT STARTS Dec 26, 2015


EVENT ENDS Dec 31, 2015

EVENT NUMBER 2 2nd Onslaught PvE Defense Event

EVENT CLASS PvE Defense Players Must Successfully Defend Against A Series of Attacks By Rogue Forces

ANTAGONIST Red Lokust Commanded By : Sasha Kalashnikov

EVENT DURATION 5 Days 5 Days - May Be Limited Depending On Player's Individual Start Time & Date

EVENT PROGRESSION Wave System A Limited Succession of Progressively Harder Waves

There are 55 waves of defense to complete in order to “beat” the Winter Onslaught campaign.

Every 5th Wave is a Checkpoint Wave :

Each checkpoint awards all of the prizes contained within

Waves cannot be replayed

The Base Defender Platoon being reset to previous Health at the conclusion of a wave is similar to the Demo Waves seen during specific Special Events in the past, but buildings will not be restored to their original state

The Phantom, much like the Phantom seen in Operation: Frostbite, will drop Gift bombs instead of the original bombs

Earning 5,000 Medals for completing Wave 5 will satisfy the requirements for any and all uncompleted PVP Combat Missions.

Mission - Bounty Hunter

Mission - Solider of Fortune

Mission - Pillage and Burn

“ Sasha Kalashnikov has amassed her most elite forces to assault your base! Push her back and prove that even a bloodthirsty army in the midst of a nuclear winter are no match for your power! ”

— In-Game Description

“ Commander,

Sasha Kalashnikov has rallied her forces to strike your base on the coldest nights of the nuclear winter. Defend yourself against the coming storm and earn awesome prizes! Winter Onslaught begins December 26th and ends December 31st!

Demonstrate your indomitable resilience with the Winter Onslaught trophy, available at Wave 55! Prove that even the coldest of winters are no match for your power!

A cold, ghastly apparition has been spotted at Wave 55. Survive to the bitter end of the Winter Onslaught campaign to find out what it is and claim it for yourself! ”

— Winter Onslaught Kixeye Forum Description [src]


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Winter Onslaught

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