War Commander | What is Diamond Tech ?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: What is War Commander Diamond Tech ? and is it worth getting

R: It's the best War Commander event prize they have released in a while, it increases range, reload speed, damage dealt to enemies, projectile speed, and reduces damage dealt to the juggernaut. Of course it is worth getting

R: There are two War Commander diamond tech, one for Darkstorm and one for Juggernaut.

Darkstorm diamond tech is not good. It increases the damage dealt by 400% but reduces the War Commander aura. It takes away the main reason why we use it.

Whereas Juggernaut diamond tech, from what i have heard from War Commander players who have already maxed it, it's really good. Worth buying it.

R: the Juggernaut diamond tech ,being offered, seems to be misrepresented It says damage is increased by 30% at max level/ I bought it, and am upgrading it, but War Commander max level damage increase is only 10%. they are giving specs for tier 3 War Commander diamond tech, but selling tier 1.

R: Once you have finished upgrading tier 1, you can then move on to tier 2 then 3.

R: did you just join yesterday? Its always been like this

R: So we buy it once, and then upgrade 15 times? If that's the way it works, that's better than what I assumed. Looking at the War Commander Workshop, it comes across as needing to buy each tier as each one has the red "Unlock in War Commander event store, ...". Tier 2 ought to say "Requires Tier 1, Tech V" or something along those lines.

R: It does...

R: That didn't show for me until I acquired the War Commander tech.

R: Ah right, I just bought it straight away. Bit stupid not to have the message there beforehand I agree.

R: No worries, I bought it after you showed that War Commander screen shot. I appreciate you taking the time to do it. I'm in the "trust but verify" group as far as anything Kixeye related. Fool me once, ....


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