War Commander | What If We Get Clan War?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: How awesome will be to get War Commander Clan War? 2 clans 1 special War Commander sector, 7 days war.

R: Any form of War Commander Esports would be great. As it is now, the only competition is who can play more. I'd love to see competitive events with live streams etc, though it doesn't look like it's on the devs' radar just yet.

R: Oooo that is a great IDEA live streaming the War Commander competition, is sounds so good!

R: we already got it, its called "WARCOMMANDER" you should try it, its fun to play... lol

R: first of all this War Commander game needs a anti cheat and 2 the War Commander repair time would need to be cut also it would have to be 1v1 type of thing

cant be more then a 1v1 and the game would have to be able to be downloaded not a browser game and there needs to be more balance not pay to win to make a Esports type thing to work there also needs funding and the top 3 need to get a prize of some sort

R: Have you really never heard of Esports...?

R: 😂🤣😂🤣😂 give him space he doesn't understand much!

R: Anti cheat I totally agree with .. but i can think of a couple of ways this could be done 5v5 or more on a single War Commander base map have to have several maps but team last man standing, conquer and control would be best for this type of War Commander game not sure if they have enough room on the box to start a server like this would take several .. but i suggested this same thing a few years ago ..league ladder type of deal .. sorta like TWL (team ware fare league) CEVO is another and they have a great War Commander anti cheat ..

R: this is a totally server sided game so War Commander lag would be a huge issue .. unless a deal could be worked out with KIxeye not sure how that would look .. most of the games that you see in leagues and ladders are client sided games so the War Commander server is not so stressed out .. and we already have a 1v1 ladder ..

R: it would be better to do 1v1 like how star craft is and all would have to give a list of what units r on base with what tech and what is in their pvp plats cuz i dont think u should be allowed to use any plat u want

R: i been thinking about this all day .. this actually might be doable by taking several of the currently dead and or old War Commander sectors above 200 each sector is it own War Commander server anyway .. so what you do is reduce the size of the sector map to a playable match size ..take out all the res bases thore bases Etc Etc .. add in control points to conquer and then control those points by controlling these point give the team X amout of points for holding x amount of points for conquering etc etc .... do round based first to 3 wins wins the match advancing to the next round and this could be more then a 5v5 you could have entire War Commander teams playing the more players you have the more control points must be on the map and that can be done easily based on the number of War Commander players..i would have to think about this some more about the structure but i totally think this is doable .. on the client side because we aren't loading the same stuff as we do in the normal game i think would actually reduce lag .. make the KIxeye league servers a reduced version of the game and game setting done a bit differently was well .. ya i could see this happening ..

R: i want to see win a unit build as many as required, brought back

base level hit restrictions brought back

they took all the good things out the War Commander game because they greedy for money not for enjoyment or War Commander game play....

R: I thought a while back there was talk of something like this being planned.I guess it was just talk though.


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