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Wasteland Onslaught is the 4th PvE Defense Event to be presented in War Commander.

PvE Defense Events are Mini-Events .....

Event Information


EVENT STARTS May 05, 2016


EVENT ENDS May 07, 2016

EVENT NUMBER 4 4th Onslaught PvE Defense Event

EVENT CLASS PvE Defense Players Must Successfully Defend Against A Series of Attacks By Rogue Forces

ANTAGONIST Eastern Horde Commanded By : General Mutoto

EVENT DURATION 3 Days 5 Days - May Be Limited Depending On Player's Individual Start Time & Date

EVENT PROGRESSION Wave System A Limited Succession of Progressively Harder Waves

TOTAL WAVES 50 Waves The Event Is Complete When The 50th Wave Has Been Successfully Completed

WAVE CHECKPOINTS Every 5th Wave Every 5th Wave Marks A Player's Progression And Awards Prizes

PLAYER ASSISTANCE NO Player May NOT Receive Assistance From Friendly Commanders

SPECIAL NOTES Wasteland Onslaught may NOT be Repeated to earn additional Checkpoint Prizes

Detailed Play Information

Defense Objective Defend-EventBox-Icon

Defense of Rogue Attack - The Player is required to Defend their Base against 55 Waves of attacks from rogue forces in order to complete the PvE Defense Event.

Rogue Units - Each Defensive Wave may consist of Units in any number and combination of Ground, Air Units or both. The higher the Wave the harder the difficulty.

Successful Defense- The Player's Base is considered successfully defended when all attacking Rogue Units have been eliminated while preventing the Player's Command Center from being destroyed.

Repeatable Objective - The Player must repeat any wave in which the Command Center is destroyed in order to move on to the next wave.

Surrender - The Player may surrender a Defense Wave at any time during the Rogue Attack. After which the Player may then Repair and Adjust the Base Defenses and restart that Wave from the beginning.

Base Defender Platoon Damage - All units in the Base Defender Platoon are returned to their original Health at the conclusion of each Wave.

Multiple Direction Defense - For each wave the Rogue Faction will attack the Player's Base from one to all directions. Each time a wave is repeated the Units may rotate their positions in the attack.




Event Prizes



1,000 Medals Medals-1K-Onslaught Wave 5 Adequate Storage Capacity Medals

1,000,000 Thorium Thorium-1M-Onslaught Wave 10 Adequate Storage Capacity Thorium

5,000,000 Thorium Thorium-5M-Onslaught Wave 15 Adequate Storage Capacity Thorium

2,000 Medals Medals-2K-Onslaught Wave 15 Adequate Storage Capacity Medals

Lead Preserver x1 LeadPreserver-Onslaught Wave 20 Sniper • Level 8 Academy Secial Forces • Infantry

10,000,000 Thorium Thorium-10M-Onslaught Wave 25 Adequate Storage Capacity Thorium

5,000 Medals Medals-5K-Onslaught Wave 25 Adequate Storage Capacity Medals

High-Caliber Ammo x2 High-CaliberAmmo-x2-Onslaught Wave 30 Schematic with a Class : Gear I Slot Limited Tech

Preserver x2 Preserver-x2-Onslaught Wave 30 Sniper • Level 8 Academy Secial Forces • Infantry

15,000,000 Thorium Thorium-15M-Onslaught Wave 35 Adequate Storage Capacity Thorium

7,000 Medals Medals-7K-Onslaught Wave 35 Adequate Storage Capacity Medals

Cyclone x2 Cyclone-x2-Onslaught Wave 40 Cobra • Available Unlocks Special Forces • Aircraft

Nitrogen Rockets x2 NitrogenRockets-x2-Onslaught Wave 40 Schem. with Custom • Cyclone I Slot Limited Tech

25,000,000 Thorium Thorium-25M-Onslaught Wave 45 Adequate Storage Capacity Thorium

15,000 Medals Medals-15K-Onslaught Wave 45 Adequate Storage Capacity Medals

Wasteland Camo - War Paint - New WastelandCamo-Onslaught Wave 50 Inferno Schematic Epic Tech

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Additional Facts

There are 50 Defensive Waves to complete in order to complete the Wasteland Onslaught campaign.

Wasteland Onslaught may NOT be repeated.

Every 5th Wave is a Checkpoint Wave :

Each checkpoint awards all of the prizes contained within

All Units in the Base Defender Platoon have their Health reset after each wave.

Health is returned to the level it was prior to the start of the wave.

Damage done to the Player's Base structures repair at the normal rates.

All items awarded as prizes must have adequate space to be received. Any over flow will be lost.

A player must have the correct available Unlocks ( if applicable ) to receive Units or Limited Tech.

A player may only receive an amount of Medals or Thorium that they have to the ability to store.

Any Limited or Epic Tech Prize unlocked without having the proper Schematic unlocked to utilize it will be become available once that Schematic has become available to the Player.


Wasteland Onslaught is the second PvE Defense Event to feature the Eastern Horde as antagonist.

The Eastern Horde were last seen as the antagonist for Operation: Isolation in April 2016.

Earning 5,000 Medals for completing Wave 5 will satisfy the requirements for any and all uncompleted PVP Combat Missions.

Mission - Bounty Hunter

Mission - Solider of Fortune

Mission - Pillage and Burn

Firsts & Records

War Commander First :

First PvE Defense event not to have 55 Waves - Wasteland Onslaught ( May 2016 )

First PvE Defense event not to Award a War Trophy as a prize - Wasteland Onslaught ( May 2016 )


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“ General Mutoto has heard of the Weapons Lab's powerful new technology. Defend against his advances and show him that your base in something to be trifled with! ”

— In-Game Description [src]


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