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The War Commander Warhawk Schematic has 5 Component Slots each containing 3 to 4 Upgradable War Commander Components.

205 BUILDING WRECKER : Increased Damage vs Buildings

206 SPRAY AND PRAY : Increased Damage vs Infantry

207 VEHICLE WRECKER : Increased Damage vs Vehicles

208 SPECTRE CANNON : Adds Spectre Cannon

000 NAPALM CANNON : Adds Napalm Cannon

210 CRYO CANNON : Adds Cryo Cannon

202 OPTIC STEROID : Increased Range

203 AIRCRAFT TARGETING : Allows Unit to Target Aircraft

204 RESILIENCE TRAINING : Reduced Damage from All

211 WINGMAN ( Epic Tech ) : Adds a Drone Escort

196 FLAK ARMOR : Reduced Damage From Flak

197 AERIAL ARMOR : Damage from Aircraft

198 LIGHTWEIGHT ARMOR : Increased Speed / Slightly Increased Damage from All

199 STREAMLINED ROTORS : Increased Movement Speed

200 COMPACT ROTORS : Reduced Damage From Flak

201 EVASIVE MANEUVERS : Reduced Damage from Stinger Missiles

The War Commander Warhawk Schematic gained access to its Full Capacity at all levels of the unit in the Game War Commander Update of Mar 24, 2016.

The Warhawk War Commander Schematic increased its Capacity to 2,500 ( 500 Slot ) in the Game Update of Mar 24, 2016.

The Warhawk Schematic War Commander changed all levels of all components to use 500 capacity in the Game Update of Mar 24, 2016.

The War Commander Warhawk Schematic was introduced via the Event Shop during Operation: Red Storm (2014) ( Jan 23, 2014 )

The War Commander Warhawk Schematic has 1 Epic Tech Components NO Lost or Limited Tech Components.

The Warhawk War Commander Schematic was introduced simultaneously with the Wingman Epic Tech component.

The First War Commander Aircraft Schematic offered in Event Shop - The Warhawk Schematic - Operation: Red Storm (2014)

“ The Warhawk Schematic allows you to customize the Warhawk in your Workshop. Equip your Warhawks wiht extra range, various Tactical Cannons, and the Building Wrecker to conquer ”

— Event Shop Description

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