War Commander Bases | Fun Event

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

War Commander Bases | Fun Event

I think this is a great War Commander event. It's nice to have a large variety of War Commander bases and tracks to do. There are a few glitches, but for the most part has been trouble free. I'm lovin' it.

Actually I agree - credit where its due - the variety is really good - the last few events have become repetitive and tedious, this is a welcome change.

yes. Just like every event there are ppl complaining. So far for me things work well and i like it as well. I remember days where they put zombies in everything and after a while we were sick of zombies. I like the choice and it is still challenging If some ppl talk about it too easy they can try different War Commander units. The ppl that complain about it too hard make sure you have fire tech Absolver and devouts with fire tech seem to melt the War Commander zombies.

It would be fun if it worked properly, War Commander game still freezing on a screenshot requiring refresh to clear, aces not working as they should and now War Commander chopper company not firing on non zombie objects, not sure I can be bothered to see what else is broken, still at least I can kill zombies...great fun!

I like it, more options for everyone to get xp with 4 tracks. A very easy event if you have the right War Commander set up. I've only used 2 units for all tracks minus the hero one which is a nice addition to play.


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