War Commander Bases | Old Base

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | Old Base

A well setup base in War Commander. This is a War Commander Old Base. My laptop is old and running win7 with a old browser version and game runs fine mostly for me as i have had no issues until event. Still running flash. Speeds and comp age are not going to create issues like not getting proper payouts, War Commander bases freezing up on 2nd attack but worked fine on first attack. Those issues have to be programming related. It maybe a issue caused by something like attacking while having aces in pvp plat while at same time no completing the event base within the first attack even though it's not a 1 hit base. That's just a example.

There is no way to write a War Commander game this complex perfectly. There will always be conflicts in coding but its their responsibility to try to find them before War Commander launch or be available to find and fix after launch. We are not paid War Commander beta testers.


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