War Commander Bases | Abandonment Issues

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | Abandonment Issues

This practice of leaving us War Commander players to suffer through bugs and glitches all weekend during events because no one is at kix to fix the issues needs to end. This War Commander event being one of the worst as it started late to begin with and the amount of problems with this event are staggering. It's almost completely unplayable for a lot of people. Some just put up with it and some manage War Commander workarounds that eat up time and to be honest should not be necessary.

Either start events on Mon or Tue so devs are around to fix issues or go back to having War Commander players test out events before actually launching them. This is not just a War Commander game it's a business that needs to make money and well i will be keeping mine this event. What use is War Commander gold when event is unplayable?


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