War Commander Bases | Today's Log Problems

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

War Commander Bases | Today's Log Problems

So in my last post I mentioned that the War Commander attack log was turning round and round. Until today, it is still unfixed. Someone replied saying that it was due to my internet connection or my pc. Which is actually not the case, my connection is very good and my pc is ok, the game loads kind of fast everything displays fast so why is there no attack log???? For years now all the game problems are always due to some external issue never the War Commander game itself.

Today, the issues list are no attack log, no War Commander chat and no War Commander avatar picture. The event started as usual, full of problems which made me refuse to play it. Let us see which problems tomorrow will bring.....

Do you read the pinned posts? Are you on War Commander discord or just forum ?


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