War Commander Bases | Unable To Play This Event

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | Unable To Play This Event

I have been having issues with War Commander WC. It has been lagging and choppy also when you click on War Commander full screen it doesn't show the full screen cutting off 2 or 3 inches on the top and bottom. Now during the event it locks up my War Commander computer when I try playing any of the tracts in the loading screen. I have tried 3 different tracts on 3 different days.

I get on War Commander game but when going into event bases i cannot attack so not playing ever again until its fixed

The black line top and bottom only happens in full screen in Safari as far as I know. As far as I have been able to find out Safari is no longer a supported browser, probably because you can no longer use War Commander Flash with it. I switched to Firefox using flash for best results.

I also found that Facebook Gameroom dose the same thing.

since the last maint other day I can't log in. All i get is a flash of War Commander load screen and then all black. I tried html and flash with multiple reloads and close War Commander game and restarted it several times to.

you need to allow flash in your browser

the addon no longer helps

as i stated i have done this many times and still not working

what War Commander browsers are you using?

stay away from Safari and browsers using the Safari webkit engine ... Safari has blocked all Flash in it's last update, and by blocked I mean NO flash, no matter what you do .... other browsers that use webkit is Maxthon (if not already, they too will block flash)

use Firefox or Chrome

if you do not do it correctly it will not work

you need to do this ..... I doubt Kixeye will send someone to your house to do it for you

and do a proper cache clearing ... again if You do not do it ... ok well, no one will come to your house to do it for you

I am able to log in War Commander and do everything except the event. When I try it will let me in but I cannot attack. In XP War Commander bases it just freezes.


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