War Commander Bases | February Trophy

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | February Trophy

I have completed War Commander Main track, Heroic track and challenge track but no War Commander trophy multiple times but cant find trophy in buildings. I have read the event description . Anyone having the same problem.

if you click on War Commander trophy in overview it says u must complete target mission 6. Although there is 6 bases the last base is called mission 5 target there is nothing called target mission 6 and it says mission track complete still no trophy why does this have to be soooo complicated and frustrating

Complete mission track for trophy. Trophy only has 1 level so repeating mission track does not change trophy.

please read what I described I have completed multiple times and War Commander trophy is not unlocked I'm not talking about levels

Previous War Commander war trophy's upgrade with more mission track completions, all my war trophy's are 5 star, until this event I have 6 completions main track and my war trophy is still level 1 and 1 star WHY DOES IT NOT MARCH MISSION COMPLETIONS AND GO TO 5 STAR ?

because its not an upgradeable War Commander trophy,


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