War Commander Bases | What's The New Unit This Event?

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | What's The New Unit This Event?

Is there going to be a big War Commander prize? It's my first event back after 5 years! Will most of the War Commander games items be in the prize store?

DR.Logan is the new prize, more details in the War Commander event briefing tomorrow


since it has a name it would seem so

trying to plan next War Commander tech center upgrade, don't want to start a 7 day when 2 days from now may get a new unit .

Wolverine for HELLoween

if hes a zombie he might be more infantry then tank

What happened to event briefing I can't seem to find it and it's been a couple days since you mentioned this.

Event briefing is today, if u read the event banner its tells u about War Commander dr logan.

Then what, pray tell, is the "Expedition" being displayed for event???????

Dr. Logan is a War Commander Mercenary Unit ,so basically useless ... use 1 time & spend 8 hrs building 1 ..

if you get help you should be able to get some gen 4 units

Dr Logan primary skill healing mechanic heals himself when makes a kill. Dr Logan throws grenades with splash which turns units into zombies

I am excited about this ... remember Medics?

hes a unit that heals himself and allies zombies around him while also converting all slain enemies into zombies while also having his War Commander healing effect grow stronger with each zombie near yeah basically useless right?

it looks like dr. satan (hourse of 1000 corpses)

you do realize that zombies are weak to fire and only 2 factions use fire right?

take for example verkraft, the next antagonist,

only one of their units produces fire, and its both the wrong type of fire and has a minimum range which isn't ideal for zombies whom generally like being vary vary close.

A little confused on the new Dr Logan unit. Says unlock by purchasing all 4 contracts in event store, but its listed as War Commander last chance, and looks to me like you only buy 1, is this true, or are you in fact able to buy 4 this event?

Because the next zombie event is October 2021. and by then it'll be underpowered and weak. that's why its last chance to get it. you can buy 4 contracts.

I Won the War Commander Doctor but I still don't have him yet so what's the reason for this ?

Look in merc camp. you also need 4 War Commander contracts.

this dr.logan is a merc unit.

Don't get me wrong but all the stuff u mentioned is only applicable till the battle continues ... to my understanding of how Mercs work ... we use them once & THEY CANNOT BE REPAIRED ... so much for the healing ! ... so we do need to make them back . correct me if m wrong !

your understanding is correct, it only lasts until the War Commander battle ends, but mercs are meant to be used as auxiliaries not the entire War Commander platoon, the healing still prevents the rest of your platoon from taking damage if the War Commander base is focused on logan.

I have all 4 contracts for dr. Logan/ But see no one doctors in the store or in my troops (

is in the War Commander merc camp


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