War Commander Bases | Epica (45)

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

War Commander Bases | Epica (45)

Guys, should I make War Commander aggressor to level 20? Is he worthy? Can he replace devouts? As I am thinking if I should buy War Commander upgrade boost for him. If no, I may spare my xps for helios and his supplements ( that's lots of I didn't see much aggressor on field so I want some opinion.

No he will not replace devouts. The two are made for different roles

Aggressors have better range and slightly higher damage (paired with the survivors trait and it becomes deadly)

I myself prefer using them in bunkers more than devouts

Yeah. War Commander Devouts on the other hand are more defensive-oriented, with their inherent high priority trait (which can be helpful for redirecting attacks away from your other units) and the myriad of tech that bolsters their damage resistance.


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