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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

War Commander Bases | DiyarJabbar54 (39)

Issue using War Commander Helios Build Tokens

Well i have got 2 War Commander Helios to build. Purchased 2 build tokens and when attempting to use them it causes the War Commander game to crash.

Please fix, its a simple thing that really should of been tested before release, a real simple QA would of caught this.

me too its gave code War Commander 2181 error

same here

The team is looking into the reports of the War Commander logistics not working.

is anyone else getting a error come up when trying to use logistics on the helios War Commander build boost every time i try use 1 i get booted from a error screen waste of xp if u cant use the things.

yeah everyone is i think

Yep its broken nothings wrong with your browser, cache, apps or being open somewhere else! Its game bug

Really i waste on building, WTF!

Anyone else having this issue when trying to use Helios build tokens War Commander?

Did heard from a handful of people who had the same problem. And the game team has been alerted of it and looking into it, along with all the others that popped up.

Pretty much. The team's investigating it.

is anyone else having problem of buying War Commander tech and boost for Helios. I use my xp and didn't see any boost and tech. KIXeye please fix it and give xp back or what I purchase

We were bloody told a fix would come Friday, Saturday morning... still nothing.

so i`m guessing they still not fixed the War Commander helios boost yet what a joke i mean for a game thats been running for so many years would so got at least 1 event to run right but i`m thinking their not up to the task anymore or they just dont give a **** anymore an if thats not bad enough they try to rip you off with War Commander gold too i had an upgrade witch cost 49 gold to finish = $4.90 but yet to buy 50 gold it cost $3.49 what a joke

I buy 34 Helios (and two gift in mission track), but I can to build only 20 Helios. I spent my XP for nothing.

And one question. War Commander Trophy at the event lvl 1 or lvl 5?

Yeah, 20 is the hard limit for the Helios at the moment. You may have to send a ticket to recoup the wasted XP.

As for the War Commander trophy, for this event there's also only 1 level to it.

hello all every time i gona us the helios build boost i got dc and i cant use

same problem here with the War Commander boost build helios

hapens to me, also

speed up op to build the helios not working

same here

yes, same issue, here

same problem here

Are you referring to the build logistic? Yes I am well aware of that. Even KIXEYE (as in the game team) are aware of that and looking into it.

well its now been 2 days they no about it shocking i bet if the issuse was in the players favour they take the game down right away and fix it cus its not they just going to blank tickets about it shocking

yes they no about it but are doing nothing shocking

yes y would they fix it they making money player are spending gold War Commander buying them at 60 gold to build them so they anit going to fix it when they making money

looking into it but anit doing nothing cus players are spending gold building them

Whats taking so long for this issue to be addressed,this should of been sorted before this event even started,absurd!

So do i get back the XP I wasted on the War Commander Helios build tokens? I mean my Helios is built and the tokens are still un-useable...


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