War Commander Bases | criss-cross (33)

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

War Commander Bases | criss-cross (33)

These days it seems to be more War Commander base defense then anything. I personally think the War Commander game is way unbalanced. We were already losing an arm and a leg to flat someone online and yet they keep adding more and more War Commander defense. I really don't even want to hit online anymore.

Why the heck should i lose all my air and ground for 1 War Commander base. Seems bit ridiculous to me, and no i don't coin huge amounts like i see some do with max controllers already, max devouts and now they already have max Pegasus.... Whatever floats there boat in my eyes. However its way to rich for me. All i am trying to say is when are we going to balance the War Commander game back out because right now it has gotten stupid in my eyes.


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