War Commander Bases | Everyone Gets Damage

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | Everyone Gets Damage

Remember even though the War Commander base could not stop or stand up to that level of an attack, it would do damage to the attackers War Commander units which will have the effect of limiting how many additional War Commander base he/she will be able to attack after yours.

Plus, look at the high costs in repair and War Commander production not only in resources but time as well; which is why they will not have a world changing effect on the War Commander game or WC since the daily normal none cheater player would not be able to attack more than 2 or 3 bases daily.

I can see and under stand everyone's concerns but if you just stop and think about it, Kixeye has put in good measures to insure that they are not or will not be overpowering yet they are strong.

The only issue we will have with them is from War Commander cheaters but Kixeye is on that as well.


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