War Commander Bases | Missing Units

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

War Commander Bases | Missing Units

My War Commander HIVE is missing. I have sent tickets they tell me that it is in storage or on War Commander map. No it is not. I use my HIVE all the time and went to upgrade tech in War Commander workshop and it tells me it is not built. Yes it is built!. Need my HIVE back!

Go in your War Commander workshop & see if you can locate it from there.

War Commander armory

platoon on map (pvp or pve)

if not seen in workshop, check the above

units on War Commander world map, or in storage (armory) will not show in the workshop

did you find it yet?

why my acct have missing War Commander units air and land units? how can i play this event?

Nope, all gone back to zero

If your War Commander units are missing then you would need to put in a support ticket for someone to look at your account.


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