War Commander Bases | CHOPPER-MASTER (39)

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

War Commander Bases | CHOPPER-MASTER (39)

They mostly revolve the War Commander PvP aspect of the game around smashing people. If they buff your War Commander defense damage or get too many defense upgrades it’s gonna be way harder than it is for everyone. PvP hitting is pretty hard nowadays because there’s more high levels than low levels. The only easy War Commander bases are the lower level banks like 45 and under. I can hit 47 and under if I do it just right.

I hit a cloaked War Commander base with war rig op and uncloaked it and sent in raptors to kill as much hunters as possible. Strategy helps a lot. IK there’s heavy War Commander coiners who don’t care how they hit and instant heal afterward. It mostly depends on the attackers preference that will help or destroy your defense. What I mean by help is they suicide all their stuff and you kill it. My base is all AA without base def units. So easy ground flat. Just have ss and sentries and seraphs I think? So I can mostly kill a ds, a jug easily and an elite prophet and maybe War Commander Romero. But I cannot however kill a nova unless it’s pretty dead to start out with. I remember when the Aces came out I killed 12 with full War Commander defense as a level 39. I hope you find out what works for you :smile:


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