War Commander Bases | Cat_girl (38)

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

War Commander Bases | Cat_girl (38)

The farmers of War Commander game dont like to be hit so they cry to kixeye and they have made the everyone's War Commander base so overpowered it cost way to much to flat anyone nowadays who wins kixeyes (coins) the coiners will coin no matter what while the rest of community just sits in base and plays upgrade commander.

They say that balance always switches back and forth but not this time as kixeye keeps introducing new War Commander defensive unique. Not to mention that my air has become all suicide units for some reason kixeye does not want us to use air unless we suicide and maybe take out a wall or two. This game is a joke and more and more loosing War Commander players .

Also kixeye is having issues porting game u might not even have a game at end of year, time to move on. Kixeye has decided to say F U to the majority of community to milk the dumb coiners b4 game goes down for good . Time to celebrate. This War Commander company taking advantage of there player base and loyalty and deleting any negative comments towards them. thats why they moved to discord


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