War Commander Bases | _ZOMBI_ (45)

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

War Commander Bases | _ZOMBI_ (45)

War Commander Base defense platoons are considered PVP platoons. How do I know? Because you can use PVP only units in your War Commander base defense platoon. However we don't seem to get the benefit of reduced PVP platoon repair times. When My War Commander base is hit I have over 26 hour repair times on my base defense plat. That is EXCESSIVE!

Make this game more user friendly why don't you kixeye. I refuse on principle to coin the War Commander repairs, and so I simply log off for 24 hours and don't play. I'm not alone. If you want more people to play make a maximum repair time of any toon no more than 10 hours max! Geeze! Cut us some slack. I've been playing War Commander at least 8 years, but am strongly considering walking away forever. It's just not fun anymore.


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