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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Vanquisher

The War Commander Vanquisher produces a Blue Invulnerability Shield.

The Vanquisher deploys a Invulnerability Shield with the following characteristics ( Non-Customized ) :

Deployment is triggered when Vanquisher's Health drops to 50% or below.

The Invulnerability Shield remain active for 7.5 Seconds.

Once deployed the Invulnerability Shield may not be reactivated until it has been reset.

The War Commander Invulnerability Shield is reset by repairing the Vanquisher to Full ( 100% ) Health.

The Invulnerability Shield's active duration may be reduced by being struck by an Ion Weapon.

Each shot received from an Ion Weapon reduces the duration of the Invulnerability Shield by a undisclosed amount.

The Invulnerability Shield protects the Vanquisher from

Damage caused by a majority of weapons

All Status Effects - making the Vanquisher temporarily immune to Corrosion ( Corrosion-ICON ), Shock ( Shock-ICON ) and Naplam ( Napalm-ICON ).

The Invulnerability Shield's characteristics may be altered and customized with the use of the War Commander Vanquisher Schematic.

External Capacitor - Adds up to 3.0 Seconds of Active Shield Time

Proton Shield - Deploys a Second Shield at 25% Health that lasts up to 4.0 Seconds.

Reactive Shield - Deals Splash Damage ( from Very Tiny - Giant ) and Shocks (Shock-ICON) the enemy when it expires.

Weapons that deal Flame Damage are highly effective against vanquishers as 50% of the damage penetrates through their invulnerability shield!

The War Commander Vanquisher's DPS stats were updated to reflect actual damage in an Unannounced Update in Sep 2015.

The Vanquisher received the ability to be upgraded to Level 16 in the Game Update of Aug 06, 2014.

The Vanquisher received the ability to be upgraded to Level 15 in the Game Update of May 01, 2014.

The War Commander Vanquisher was introduced via the Event Shop during Operation: Floodgate 2 - ( Apr 24, 2014 ).

The Vanquisher War Commander is resistant to both the Blitz and Plasma Turrets.

The Vanquisher with an active Invulnerability Shield is

Immune to the Corrosion ( Corrosion-ICON ) Status Effect

Immune to the Shock Status Effects

The War Commander Vanquisher will continue to be affected by any Status Effect applied to it prior to the deployment of the Shield.

The Invulnerability Shield has no affect on per-existing Status Effects ( Duration, Damage & Effect ).

The Vanquisher is the assault tank as mentioned on unlock post.

First Unit with a Invulnerability Shield - ( Tie ) - Vanquisher and Elite Vanquisher

“ The Vanquisher harnesses new Railgun technology to decimate the opposition. Your Vanquisher will deploy an invulnerability shield at 50% health for 7.5 seconds! ”

— Event Shop Description

“ The Thorium infused Vanquisher has improved top speed and handling, making it even more deadly on the battlefield. ”

— In-game Description

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