War Commander Bases | V2 Artillery

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | V2 Artillery

The War Commander V2 Artillery became available for Player use via Special Ops in the Game Update of 2013.

The V2 Artillery first appeared as a NPC Unit on Defensive Boss Waves during Operation: Hellstorm.

The War Commander V2 Artillery is ONLY available to Players via the Hand of God Special Op.

The V2 Artillery may ONLY target Buildings, Barricades & Turrets.

The War Commander V2 Artillery "Paints Targets" for incoming V2 Missiles.

The V2 Missile, like all other Missiles can be shot down by most Anti-Air Weapons.

Ant-Air Weapons that CANNOT target the V2 Missile are: Flak Weapons, Elite Valkyrie and Blitz Turret.

The War Commander V2 Missile enters the battlefield approximately 10 seconds after the V2 Artillery Paints ( targets ) a Target.

Therefore it is possible for a V2 Missile to land 10 seconds after the V2 Artillery is destroyed.

The V2 Artillery along with the V2 Missile it targets for may be deployed in War Commander Cave Bases.

The V2 Missile looks like a large version of the Hellfire Missile.

The V2 Artillery and the V2 Missile are the only missiles to be available during an attack in a Cave Bases.

The V2 Artillery targeted for Level 10 Peacekeeper Missiles during Hound Roast Onslaught

The Hand Of God Special Op was the subject of a Special Op Surge.

Special Op Surge - Hand of God - Ran from May 03, 2013 through May 06, 2013.

Pixel Sheet Code : 19.v2 & 19.v2.dead

Pixel Sheet Code ( V2 Missile ) : V2 rocket

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