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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Why would i want to keep playing War Commander when i keep getting hit preventing me from upgrading anything in my War Commander base on time...

you keep adding new content but new players dont get to upgrade because weak assed high level War Commander players are hitting us, you want us to coin? why would we coin a this game with so much unfairness against new and lower levels?

War Commander infamy? you letting high levels farm low levels for it... you jut as bad as the players them selves war commander kixeye!

A: what is the point of having base defenders if high levels with better units and platoons comes and smashes my base for infamy every day? i'm not going to coin a War Commander defending platoon if i know they are useless in base against high levels, you should have a balanced restriction for them to only hit their level or close to it... or make sure they cant hit anyone below level 41

A: looking at your level and War Commander base id say you just started and accepted the free pack they gave you...

also there did used to be a level hit restriction but kixeye/warcommander chose to remove it against the players feed back and caused the game to lose players... so i dont blame you for getting angry at the game or want to quit!

we all have said for them to add it back but it always falls on deaf ears at kixeye...

A: at your lvel dont put any in, i know it sounds daft as its a war game but the turrets and units you have arent very helpful against high level players... kixeye know they farm lower levels and new payers and do NOTHING to fix the problem they caused!

A: because they dont care about player feed back as long as it is making them money... they dont want new players coining a broken game...

A: Because it is called War Commander. That's much more horrifying if there is no war...

A: oh boy, you're like the training target for the whole sector War Commander XD

A: since kix removed level restriction everything has gone dowhill. High level player farming, making fun, threatening, calling names, being toxic to low level. And they call themself good players. you know what , in wc " good player = huge coiner" you dont need skill or nth as long as u have money in the bank. I have see this kind of people doing videos, showing of, flexing their wallets, have seen them doing events and farming other stuff, no strategy no nth

A: all I see is one part of the story. First of all, your attack log looks like mine during warpath, so not sure what the issue is. Surely you are playing warpath and you must have lots of honor to be hit so often, or eventually you would stop being a target. I don't know what level you are, but if you participating in the war, then all is fair in love and war. Or maybe you are a jerk in the sectar, I don't know, who knows...

Also, being bubbled doesn't stop the upgrade time of anything so no real issue here. Your complaint has no merit, maybe you are a sore loser.

A: a few days ago a guy came to my sector flexing in chat saying he had 10k gold. Scum like this has never played a single day of war commander in their miserable life. My opinion these people are a failure in real like and seek here in game to prove themself they are worth of sth, they try to fill that void

bs. High level guy admited that he farms low level just bcs they are easy and he can farm a lot of them without spending to much

A: did u just call farming a low level "WAR"?

A: sector 112 there is a 45 in there hitting everyone low to high levels where is the fairness in that.. hitting new players giving the impression that the game is just about hitting low levels all the time for free infamy and where is the fairness in the warpath when you got players like that... yes i hit dead bases to start with but i didnt have any god units to hit the better highe rlevel players with

A: ... this kind of pvp doesn't necessarily promote the good sides of the players ...

A: no matter what we say it all comes down to removal of level restriction, that ruined the game.

A: I am sorry to read this ... yes there are some players who will take advantage of their situation .....

while it may not be easy, do not get angry at them, feel sorry for them, they most likely can not attack a higher level base and they compensate by hitting the lowers to make themselves feel better

May I suggest you try to strike up conversation with the other residents of the sector, in a friendly way and create a friendship with them, and they may add you to their alliance ..... BUT ... I strongly suggest to NOT use angry words and be offensive in open chat ... that will never help you

I do not know if you are able to jump yet (your account is new'ish and may not have the ability to jump) if you can, look for another sector that fits you and your style of play ... if currently unable to jump to 'friends' have them jump to you to help assist you


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