War Commander | Upgrade Booster Inventory?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: How do we know how many War Commander Upgrade Booster Inventory we have? Seems to me the only way is to start an upgrade then click on War Commander Logistics, however that is not possible if your Academy needs upgrading or another unit is currently upgrading. Wish there was a place to go in your War Commander base to see all available Logistics, certainly would be a useful tool for those of us with a terrible memory

A: low levels need upgrade crates have you seen the War Commander upgrade times for the omega phantom? 10 days per level from 32 to 40 that's 90 days upgrading for a obsolete unit lol

kixeye need to reduce all old units for new War Commander players and allow them 3 second upgrade or at least a manageable time frame for those older units... 90 days is a ridiculous amount of time for 10 levels

A: agreed totally !!!!

A: Yup It's Impossible For Low Levels To Keep Up With The War Commander Game Like That..The Juggernaut For Example Takes (191) Days From lvl 1 To 40 (38Days 1-20/63 21-30/90 31-40) Even If You Want The War Commander Max Range Only You Still Need To Wait 101 Days And It's Not Very Helpful Unit !


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