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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

War Commander Bases | Survivors

The War Commander Survivors were originally test subjects for the Sentinels. After they were freed in Revelation and Rapture the Survivor's went into a year of seclusion and began working to build their own War Commander military force. The Survivor's were called in to assist with the fight against both Kane's Forces and Corpus in Operation: Death From Below.

The War Commander Survivors technically first appeared in Revelation prior to becoming a fully realized War Commander faction.

The Survivor's as a fully militarized faction were introduced in Operation: Death From Below.

The Survivors faction have Faction Specific Traits

According to one of Kara's messages in Nightmare: Death From Below, some of the original War Commander survivors went rogue after being freed from the Sentinels and joined other factions, including Kane.


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