War Commander Bases | Spending My Blood Thorium

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Spending My Blood Thorium

Q: Spending my War Commander blood thorium.

Hello, i started playing war commander again after 6 years approx, I must say the game changed a lot. Im a noob right now as i dont have good War Commander defenses against anything basically In or do i have good units to attack, im buying some Aces and farming liberators nut thats it. Anyway, i wonder if it's smart to spend my blood thorium in legendary hellstorms, because at the time i left the game those were op at least for a mid level player and i I would like to continue using them, is it a good investment or should i spend my blood in something else? The War Commander legendary hover tank seems interesting too.


R: the War Commander Legendary units are pvp only and can only be used against War Commander player bases. for you being a returning get nick. hes a great unit for lower level players and holds his weight against the high tier units

R: Don't go for legendary units right now and especially hellstorm. Legendary units are PvP only.

I would advise you to use the War Commander B.thorium only on nick. He's the only hero worth buying for returning and low level players.

You are right, normal and elite hellstorms were OP when you left, but not right now.

If you really want legendary units, then go for War Commander hovers. They are beast.

R: Ignore the hellstorm, it's useless.

Get Hovers and Raptors, and tokens for the L.Legion if you are into pvp, or Rick and his tokens if you are into Pve


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