War Commander | Sending Gold to Friends

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Hello, i want to ask is there is any way to send War Commander gold to my friends or to receive gold from War Commander friends if i play in kixeye website only?

R: it has been disabled for most War Commander players

R: I'm a bit confused, so only certain players get this privilege. If so then why?

R: They defeated the War Commander moderator bases. Attack and defeat them and get this option

R: I do not know the exact details, but I do know Kix cut off War Commander gold gifting years ago

R: I do not have this ability, tho I know some who do (all of them are long time older players), but I would think all newer accounts do not have this ability

R: Gold gifting was turned off for newer War Commander accounts after there were many occasions that players were using stolen credit card info to send to there other account then trying to have it refunded.. Also kids were using their parents CC info without them knowing until they got the bill, it was the subject on an War Commander addiction report...


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