War Commander Bases | Screamer's Slow Not Working

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

War Commander Bases | Screamer's Slow Not Working

Q: It has been a while since I got my War Commander screamer, and i have seen it ( in gogo bar and when I'm getting hit) not all War Commander aces are slowed the same, on some War Commander units, slow is applied properly and on some not so much, so few fly ahead of the other.

is it intentional or a bug?

does it has anything to do with the level of screamer?

also i have -80% slowed tech on my screamer

R: i think is a bug. have seen it happen when people spam War Commander aces

R: Aces can go at 2 speeds depending how they are workshopped so some can be ahead of others

R: i don't have any War Commander speed tech equipped on any of my aces? then how come when i gogo bar some aces get a head of others?

R: Some were filled with more expensive fuel from the War Commander gogo bar. :)


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