War Commander | Save Prestige Till Next Event ?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: Do we safe War Commander prestige till next event ?

R: Should be next two War Commander events because we will need 8 contracts to get War Commander Akiko unit which we only have 4 contracts so far if I am not mistaken. The cycle is 4 events and we only completed 2 so there are 2 more months

R: Is it possible to get extra contracts for the Akiko War Commander unit ?? Missed playing the last event but have managed to grind over 300 prestige points this time. Don't want to get the 2 contracts available if not able to get the War Commander unit at the end. ?

R: If your wrong someones will be very angry with you. Best answer maybe "I don't think so" because as you can see some people have claimed to get more then 2. I did not know this myself because I thought it said "2 contracts per event". I have been getting them all along so I don't really care one way or the other.

R: it allows you to get up to what your supposed to have up till now we all should have 4 parts and no more .. i was missing 3 was able to get that and no more .. seems fair to me

R: If the trend follows same as last time, then on the last event (the fourth event in the series I believe) then you should be able to get all War Commander parts. That's what I did in the final event that stormchaser was available, I got all 8 parts in that one event, so hopefully you will have a chance to make up your missed part

R: Yes you can get extra contracts for akiko you just cant exceed the amount that is possible to aquire.As of right now 4 War Commander contracts is the highest amount possible.

R: Yes he is wrong and he shouldnt be giving false info unless he is sure its correct.

R: lol, that's a funny thing to read on the internet

R: Yes it sure is isnt it. But it has to start somewhere, calling people out for speaking before they think or knowing the true War Commander facts.


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