War Commander | Romero Diamond Tech Issue

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Q: Anybody else bought War Commander Romero diamond tech and got the lowest form of it? Kixeye advertise the highest of the 3 diamond tech and then i spend 4.5mil xp and get the lowest of the 3? They advertise 30%, which is the highest form. There is 3 version under Romero. I had none before, but then I got the lowest. I knew better than to do it, because they did the same to people last event on the jugg and darkstorm diamond tech. Kixeye War Commander it's customers off and apparently intentionally! I'm irritated about it, but didn't know if i was the only 1 or it's luck of the draw kinda thing? I'm sure i got War Commander by Kix again

R: You have to upgrade through all the War Commander levels. It is the same with all the diamond techs for hero/unique War Commander units.

Upgrade through the level 1 and then unlock level 2 and so forth

R: Haven't tried the new three tier diamond tech for hero/unique units, but what's the upgrade time? Is it immediate with thorium or do I have to endure painfully slow War Commander upgrades?

R: the 1st 1 is 1 day res/thor cost is low, but i assume it only gets longer from there

R: all of the upgrades takes 1 day

R: Are you for real??!! Everything requires upgrading, they always advertise everything at its optimum strength.

R: 1. It's always been like this.

2. You knew it was like this because you said that's what happened last event.

3. This was all discussed on the War Commander forum last event with the same answers.

I guess some people just like to complain.

R: 1 day "each" level/upgrade

R: actually what i knew was people were complaining they did not get what was advertised, but it seems they were like me and ignorant that you had to upgrade War Commander diamond tech from the very lowest to the very highest, yes i knew it would have to upgraded, but i thought there were 3 different diamond techs not 9 lvls to upgrade douchebags.

R: Good to know. The regular diamond tech much longer.

R: the War Commander diamond tech for uniques got released like more than 6 months at this point, its odd that no one complained about the judge or the kraken or even the darkstorm

R: You never used the War Commander workshop before right? You can't be that dense. All tech needs to be upgraded.

R: So diamond tech War Commander for Judge that is in this Holdout is a re-release? First time I have seen it

R: it got released last holdout

R: War Commander judge diamond tech got re-release but when are we goin to see kraken diamond tech in store


R: Read what it say's here about diamond tech , it can't really be more clear the description always said what the tech gives at max lvl, not lvl1 to show the War Commander player what are the stats of a maxed tech so they can decide if it is worth it or not and every component that got released needed upgrading so there is no false advertisement and no nothing, besides you can view the workshop items from the workshop Even if you didn't unlock them.

R: I find this new trend of commenting without even reading the War Commander posts interesting. No wonder admins almost stopped replying here.

R: It takes 15 days to completely upgrade all 3 tiers of the diamond techs or use gold War Commander lol.

R: Well maybe just maybe if they would put a description in there telling War Commander players what you have to do, that would take any doubts wouldn't it. Guess that's to much to ask for. My favorite was the War Commander darkstorm diamond tech that was for sale in the event store. You didn't find that you lose 70% of the aura until after you already bought the tech. Well played move there.

R: The darkstorm diamond tech didn't get complaints? REALLY!

R: I agree 100% with you, but i guess its to much trouble to explain the details of tech. Anyone that has played this game War Commander for a while should always assume the least amount of effort from them.


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