War Commander | Relocation is Unlocked Through Gameplay

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Q: What does "War Commander Relocation is unlocked through gameplay" mean ?

A: have same problem, you'll need to send in a ticket

A:times a stupid question ... what percentage of the few still active players are entitled to submit a ticket to a problem ... so it's not me ...

sAme problem i cant relocate

I can't submit a ticket War Commander, so what do we do?

A: I do not know ... are these War Commander alt accounts being used in 'full' sectors?

"Relocation is unlocked through gameplay"

maybe try what it says and play the War Commander game more?

A: I dont believe Im in a full sector, I cant relocate to attack who attacked me or anything

A: why should they have to send a ticket they have to pay for when War Commander support should be free? can you afford $50 for a support ticket that will then be passed around then be sent back with the wrong answer by a player claiming to be an expert in the War Commander game... then find out you have to pay to relocate again costing you $50...

why dont you jut say they working on it... players leave because of the ignorance by kixeye management on issues like this...

kixeye are the only War Commander gaming company who charge for support which doesn't work!

A: I can't jump sectors, others can. This game sucks!

A: This is the best answer. you hit the nail on the head

A: the 50$ is for unlocking support so once you do you don't have to pay again for another ticket, second, its not a bug to require fixing, its an intended addition and you need to play on the account for awhile to be able to unlock relocation, why my answer is different now? because im allowed to say that now unlike before

A: why should i pay for unlocking War Commander support when every other game company/developer gives FREE! support? i would rather spend money on that game and get free support when ever i needed to report a bug or problem with the game or my account, this game is a casual online War Commander game which was posted on face book it was a slow paced game but gave players enjoyment from building hundreds of units and then destroying them, BUT giving them the CHOICE to coin or not... this game is more like coin to keep up coin to get the best units, all the War Commander bases are far too over powered for regular units, new players cant even touch most of the newer unit bases... by the time they do the unit will be obsolete because war commander keep spouting out new units monthly which always make a prior new unit obsolete...

they are intentionally killing this game off!!! there is no html5 content or they would have shown some video of future content on html5!

let them prove what they preach!

A: its an intended addition and you need to play on the account for awhile to be able to unlock relocation,

How long do we need to play for because not fair when you don't have a lot to start with and the sector you are in are smashing you none stop

A: whether you want to pay or not is up to you

and im a free to play player and i have the latest units, add to that i just use one faction so im more restricted than the average user so yes players have the choice to coin or not and you can catch up even if you are not coining, and this new units are becoming obsolete is a complete nonsense, units are designed with a purpose and so far im still using some of the old gen1 and 2s because i need the role they fill in that is up to the player to find it, PvP is a different matter but pve, all units can work you just need to know how, as for the html5, the AI box has already been removed as a preparation step for porting to html5, and it has been talked about by one the Team's engineers on Drake's dungeon podcast, it is coming but will take time, and if you know anything about game development you would have known what the team is going through, so either wait or play something else till it is ported

A: still wondering how long I have to be attacked before I can move from a sector

A: there are other requirements to be able to jump, you just need to keep playing

A: how many time i have to play ?

1 year b4 jump ?

may i need pay to unlock jump War Commander ?

is this any joke ?

A: 1-definetly not a year

2-no you don't need to pay to jump War Commander

3-no this isn't a joke im serious

A: ok.

thn, how many time i have to play to unlock my relocation button War Commander?

cuz, if kixeye changed many things on game to have more war and less 69, why cant War Commander players use relocation button ?

A: If you have a problem with this quiet addition to new accounts then you can blame all the people who create tons of War Commander minis for the sole purpose of filling a sector to lockout the enemy..... i am gonna laugh when the next phase of this comes out if my guess is correct.........

A: insightful comments for a 'new' player ..... the '69' gives you away ... just saying

A: same issue new player, playing for more than a week and still cant relocate while others hitting and jumping enjoying their game....

kixeye **** up again in the War Commander server, so much changing and they cant handle the game anymore


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