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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

War Commander Pure Thor Onslaught is the 10th PvE Defense Event to be presented in War Commander.

PvE Defense Events are Mini-Events .....

Event Information


EVENT STARTS November 10, 2016


EVENT ENDS November 13, 2016

EVENT NUMBER 10 10th Onslaught PvE Defense Event

EVENT CLASS PvE Defense Players Must Successfully Defend Against A Series of Attacks By Rogue Forces

ANTAGONIST Kane's Forces Commanded By : Zachariah Kane

EVENT DURATION 3 Days 5 Days - May Be Limited Depending On Player's Individual Start Time & Date

EVENT PROGRESSION Wave System A Limited Succession of Progressively Harder Waves

TOTAL WAVES 50 Waves The Event Is Complete When The 50th Wave Has Been Successfully Completed

There are 50 Defensive Waves to complete in order to complete the Pure Thor Onslaught campaign.

Pure Thor Onslaught may NOT be repeated.

Every 5th Wave is a Checkpoint Wave : Each checkpoint awards all of the prizes contained within.

All Units in the Base Defender Platoon have their Health reset after each wave.

Health is returned to the level it was prior to the start of the wave.

Damage done to the Player's Base structures repair at the normal rates.

All items awarded as prizes must have adequate space to be received. Any over flow will be lost.

A player may only receive an amount of Thorium that they have to the ability to store.

Pure Thor Onslaught is the 1st PvE Defense Event to feature the Sentinels as antagonist.

A maximum of 150,000,000 Thorium may be gained by completing the first 50 waves of Pure Thor Onslaught.

Fist PvE Defense Event to award only Thorium as prizes - Pure Thor Onslaught ( Nov 2016 )

Fist PvE Defense Event NOT to award a Trophy as prizes - Pure Thor Onslaught ( Nov 2016 )

“ Earn that Thorium in Onslaught! - Onslaught is now packed full of Thorium to help build Liberators, Hammers and Detonators! Hurry to get a surplus now! ”

— Game Update 11-09-2016 [src]

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