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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The War Commander Proton Shield requires a Level 10 Workshop to be Unlocked.

Benefits of the Proton Shield : Produces a 2nd War Commander Invulnerability Shield

337 PROTON SHEILD ( Epic Tech ) : Shield Activates a Second Time

The War Commander Proton Shield was introduced to the Gear Store in the Game Update of Nov 26, 2014.

The Proton Shield War Commander was introduced via the Event Shop during Operation: Cerberus 2 ( June 19, 2014 ).

The War Commander Proton Shield will NOT activate if the equipped unit receives a single weapon strike that causes greater Damage than the final 25% its Health.

The Proton Shield's duration may be reduced by Ion Weapons such as the Ion Turret.

The Proton Shield may be penetrated by Anti-Invulnerability Shield weapons Such as Napalm Turret.

The Proton Shield once activated can only be re-set by repairing the equipped unit to 100% Health.

The Proton Shield was awarded as a Wave Checkpoint Prize during Operation: Cerberus 2 for successfully completing Wave 81

The War Commander Proton Shield was originally called the "Electra Shield" but changed prior to its live release.

The Proton Shield also known as Double Charged Shield & Damage Protection Component as mentioned on unlock message.

The appearance of the Proton Shield may be alikes the Tech Secret Lab of Red Alert: Yuri's Revenge .

“ Two shields are always better than one! Equip this Component to your Vanquisher for added protection on the battlefield. ”

— Event Shop Description

“ Double the charge and nearly invincible! ”

— Facebook Unlock Post

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