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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The War Commander Poison Dart require a Level 8 Workshop to be Unlocked.

Benefits of the War Commander Poison Dart :

Grants Poison Dart War Commander War Paint ( All Levels )

Increased Damage Done to All ( Levels 2+ )

Increased Movement Speed ( Levels 4+ )

558 POISON DART ( Epic Tech ) : Grants Poison Dart War Paint • Increases Damage & Movement Seed

The War Commander Poison Dart was introduced via a Prize Draw in the Game Update of Dec 02, 2015.

The War Commander Poison Dart is one of three War Paint's available for the BFG X Schematic all providing the same benefits.

The other 2 available are : Neon and Snowstorm.

Pixel Sheet Code : 122.poison.dart

“ Poison Dart War Paint grants the BFG X nature's most dangerous colors and up to 6% additional Damage and Movement Speed. ”

— Introduction Forum Thread

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