War Commander | Point of Defensive Unique Units?

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Q: What's the point of War Commander defensive uniques? Kixeye keep releasing defensive uniques but those are just popcorn. except screamer and War Commander pegasus all the others like outback and cardinal are a fking joke. facing l hovers they die in 2 seconds. so all they do is just add War Commander repair time. mine jumped from 14h to 20 after adding cardinal. The only thing i enjoyed during warpath was 50% reduced repair. You could play a lot more and not sit in a bubble for a day waiting for your War Commander defense to repair.

R: they aren't that bad if you know how to protect them. The cardinal ability to transform damage from a drone to its mother unit is very useful against the CC for example

R: to protect them you need to be online. bcs of time zones i always get hit overnight. Also cardinals ability is really useless bcs no unit has drones yes except choper but War Commander chopper already dies before reaching walls

R: cardinal full lv + full tech is pretty good

R: Maxed cardinal is very powerful. I'm sure it will work beautifully in the holdout which will begin in just a few days.

R: If these units mean nothing but extra repair time to you, scrap them. That's the only suggestion I can make.

R: how does that help? cardinal cant shoot from outside War Commander ds aura and once inside the aura he is gone. we are talking abt offline hits here not onlin ewhen u can controll them. and mine is level 7 with damage reduction and extra clip tech

R: sure it doesnt with and without War Commander cardinal people are still getting 100% on my base. yeah gota admitt they are losing more units than before. As for holdout cardinal and maybe outback gonna be a must have


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