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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The War Commander Plated Platform was introduced in the Game Update of Apr. 26, 2019.

The War Commander Plated Platform is a GEN II Standard Defense Platform, therefore:


The War Commander Plated Platform is 1 of 3 available platforms for which a Faction Turret may be mounted on.

The War Commander Faction Turrets being the: Leadstorm ( Corpus-Mini-ICON ) • Sledge ( Survivors-Mini-ICON ) • Upholder ( Sentinels-Mini-ICON ).

The Plated Platform War Commander may also be used to mount any other of the non-Heavy, non-Command Turrets.


The Plated Platform must be converted from a pre-existing Level 5 GEN I Standard Defense Platform.

The Plated Platform may be converted from any type of GEN I Standard Defense Platform.

The War Commander GEN I platforms being the: Standard, Airborne, Armored, Insulated or Reinforced Platform.

Once converted, the GEN II platform may NOT be converted back to a GEN I platform. ( Image-ICON )

Conversion requires only Time, which is determined by the level of the platform to be converted. ( See above )

The War Commander Plated Platform along with the other GEN II platforms have a Advanced Stuctures Capcacity Limit of 9. ( Image-ICON )

Thus a Maximum of nine GEN I platforms may converted to GEN II platforms.

A GEN I platform will be converted to a Level 1 GEN II platform regardless of the level of the GEN I platform being converted.

Converting a GEN I platform to a GEN II platform requires the use of the Dozer.


Once converted a GEN II platform may be switched to any one of the other types of GEN II platforms at any time.

Switching is a FREE and only takes 5 seconds to preform.

Switching from one GEN II platform to another does NOT require the Dozer.


The Plated Platform is an Advanced Structure which requires Advanced Materials to upgrade.

Upgrading a War Commander Plated Platform requires the use of the Dozer.

Upgrading a Plated Platform has NO effect on the Level or Type of Turret already mounted on it.

Upgrading a War Commander Plated Platform renders any mounted Turret inactive for the duration of the upgrade.

The Plated Platform Reduces All Incoming Damage Taken by 5,000.

This effectively makes it immune to any weapon which does less than 5,000 damage per shot.

The Plated Platform has a Structure Footprint of 3.5 x 3.5 ( 12.25 ).

The Plated Platform was released simultaneously with the Flying Platform and the Resistor Platform.

The Plated Platform is effectively the GEN II version of the Armored Platform.

Building Pixel Sheet Code : 277

“ The Plated Platform is made up of articulating microscopic plates, which proactively align to minimize damage from incoming projectiles. Platform reduces all damage taken by 5000 ”

— In-Game Description

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