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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The War Commander PAC-M is a Thorium-Infused Modified Rouge version of the War Commander Cyclone Helicopter for the Verkraft Faction.

The PAC-M is susceptible to :


• Napalm

• Scramble

• Turncoat


Available Targets - Ground Units

Damage Type - Burst Damage

Produces a Splash Radius of ??.

Clip Size - Clip of 2, allowing it ot fire two successive projectiles before relaoding.


Thorium Infusion

The War Commander PAC-M was introduced via a Event Base in the Game Update of Nov 22, 2017

The War Commander PAC-M is Rogue Faction Exclusive Aircraft Unit exclusively used by the Verkraft Faction.

The War Commander PAC-M is a Non-Playable Unit ( NPC ) and therefore may not be unlocked or used by Players.

The PAC-M has a constant Range of to 475, regardless of its level. - Need Verification

The PAC-M War Commander has a Maximum Level of 20. ( Image-ICON )

The PAC-M can be ( could be ) commonly seen in :

Verkraft War Commander Thorium Compounds - ( Retired Base )

Thorium Bases

Special Events with Verkraft as antagonist

The PAC-M is a modified Rogue Faction version of the Cyclone with several differences, including :

Appearance : The PAC-M has Purple paint highlights instead of the color schemes found on the Cyclones.

Shares the same body and weapons loadout as the Cyclone & Uncommon Cyclone.

However the Rare War Commander Cyclone has a different Nose Gun than that of the PAC-M.

The fist appearance of the PAC-M was on Faction Mission #2 of Operation: Thorium Rush.

Pixel Sheet Code : 355

War Commander First :

First Unit created exclusively for the Verkraft Faction - PAC-M

First Verkraft Unit not created from an existing Highway Zealots Unit - PAC-M

First Aircraft introduced into the Verkraft Units - PAC-M

“ Scouts confirm that Verkraft have deployed a new Thorium-infused helicopter at this location. They warn that it is heavily armed. Proceed with caution. ”

— Faction Mission 2 - Operation: Thorium Rush

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