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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The War Commander Overload requires a Level ? Workshop to be Unlocked.

Benefits of the War Commander Overload :

Reload Speed is Increased as Damage is taken over the course of the battle.

Up to 50% at max level.

613 OVERLOAD ( Limited Tech ) : Increases War Commander Reload Speed as Damage is Taken

The Overload War Commander was introduced via Shadow Ops Cycle 22 ( Mar 25, 2016 )

The War Commander Overload component may be applied to any vacant Custom Slot.

The War Commander Overload component belongs to the Custom Component Group : Ultra Tank II.

The Customization Icons of Units equipped with a Limited Tech Components have a Red Glow.

Kixeye Forum ( 02/03/16 ) - Danger Zone - Shadow Ops Campaign - ( Official ) - Shadow Ops


Shadow Ops

Arms Cache

Cycle 22


Prize Acquired


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