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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

War Commander OVERCLOCK ( Epic Tech ) : Grants Overclock Tactic : Increases Movement, Attack & Reload Speeds

The War Commander Elite Legion must be selected prior to activation.

The War Commander Overclock may then be activated by either Left Mouse Clicking its icon located on the Command HUD or Pressing the " Q " keyboard hotkey.

The War Commander Overclock was introduced via the Workshop in the Game Update of Apr 21, 2016.

The War Commander Overclock is a native component to the Elite Legion Schematic and is instantly available with the schematic.

“ Overclock pushes Legion's stats to the max giving him increased movement, reload speed, and rate of fire! ”

— Elite Legion Description [src]

“ Overclock increases Legion's Attack Speed b 100%, and Reload Speed by 100% for 8 Seconds. When Activated, nearby Duplicates are also Overclocked. ”

— Level 3 Command HUD Description

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