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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The War Commander Orbital Laser bounces a destructive Laser Beam off a satellite and back causing massive AoE explosion on the ground.

When a War Commander unit location is targeted, a large area decal is painted on the ground and an AoE explosion is triggered at the location dealing damage over time to all units in the area.

The explosion cannot be prevented by destroying a projectile and instead must be avoided.

The War Commander Orbital Laser was introduced in Operation: Iron March.

The Orbital Laser War Commander can be found in some Rogue Faction controlled Special Event Bases & Fortresses.

The Orbital Laser can also be found in Level 50 Verkraft Thorium Compounds

The War Commander Orbital Laser has a relatively High Health.

The War Commander Orbital Laser Building causes heavy casualties and a massive AoE explosion on the ground dealing damage to all Units in the area.

Ground Units will trigger the Orbital Laser Building and will be the main target suffering War Commander casualties.

“ Tip - This building is best taken out with the air units you have available. Trick - Using fast-moving units will stop you from taking damage from the laser explosion and can aid in destroying this building. ”

— CM Sulaco [src]

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