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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

War Commander Operators are members of a Special Forces Fireteam. Available Fireteam Leaders : All War Commander Special Forces Leaders including Brother Jeremiah, Kara & Sheila.

Primary Attacks :

Weapon : Assault Rifle

Damage Type : Sustain

Damage Per Round : 949 ( At Rank 20 )

Clip Size : 3

Fire Rate : 20 / second

Reload : 0.35 seconds

Single Target

Both Ground an Air

Move and Shoot ability

Damage penetrates through War Commander Invulnerability Shields

Up to 50% Damage will penetrate through shielded units.

The War Commander Operator restructured both its vXP Rates & Upgrade Requirements in the Game Update of Nov 10, 2015.

The War Commander Operator received an increase in Health & DPS for Rank P1 in the Game Update of Nov 10, 2015.

The Operator became eligible as Member for all Lead Unit's Fireteams in the War Commander Bases Update of Oct 21, 2015.

The Operator War Commander became available to be placed in any Lv 9+ Bunkers in the Game Update of Oct 01, 2015.

The Operator became available for Unit Promotion in the Game Update of Sep 14, 2015.

The War Commander Operator increased it Maximum Purchase during the Special Event : Covenant ( Apr 23, 2015 )

The Operator was introduced via the Event Shop during the Special Event : Genesis ( Mar 19, 2015 )

The Operator is upgraded via Veteran Experience ( vXP )

The Operator may be place in any type of Level 9+ Bunker.

The War CommanderOperator will NOT target and fire upon

Any Missiles launched from the Missile Silo.

Any Hellfire Missiles fired from the Hellfire.

The Operator WILL target and fire upon

Any Hellfire Missiles fired from the Hellstorm.

The War Commander Operator is able to shoot on move ONLY when facing on target.

The Operator at Rank 20 requires 1 minute of Repairs for every approximately 4,145 Damage it sustains.

The Operator purchase limit was raised from 7 to 10 during Covenant.

The War Commander Operator had no HOLD PERIOD in the Event Shop.

The Operator was introduced by the War Commander Sentinels

First Special Forces Class Unit to be introduced - ( 3 Tie ) Lead Operator, Operator & Heavy Operator

“ Operators are Special Forces soldiers that can be added to a leader’s Special Forces team. This new breed of soldiers is far more powerful than traditional infantry. ”

— Event Shop Description

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