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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

War Commander Operation: Wildfire is the 44th Special Event to be presented in War Commander.

In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each objective in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points.

War Commander EVENT STARTS Nov 19, 2015


Sector Start Times

EVENT ENDS Nov 25, 2015

EVENT NUMBER 44 23 days since last Special Event

EVENT CLASS Hybrid Players Must Complete Both Attack and Defense War Commander Bases

ANTAGONIST Red Lokust Lead By : Sasha Kalashnikov

EVENT DURATION 6 Days Event Shop remains open for additional 48 Hours.

EVENT PROGRESSION Tiered Bracket System Repeatable ABC Tier System with 4 to 5 Objectives

For War Commander Operation: Wildfire the following Units are spawned from each building :

The Spawning War Commander Barracks :

Elite Rifleman and Elite Gladiator ( Depending on Base Level )

The Spawning War Factory :

Ultra Tank

For Operation: Wildfire the following Units are spawned from the War Commander Storage Building :

The Ultra Tank

War Commander Operation: Wildfire is the 4th Special Event to feature the Red Lokust as antagonist.

Previous Red Lokust events were :

Operation: Red Swarm ( Feb 2013 )

Operation: Halcyon ( Jul 2013 )

Operation: Red Storm (2014) ( Jan 2014 )

Operation: Wildfire is the 5th appearance of Sasha Kalashnikov as the leader of the antagonist Rogue Faction.

Previous Sasha Kalashnikov lead Special Events :

All Red Lokust Special Events above

Operation: Red Sky ( Leader of Sickle Syndicate ) - ( Jul 2013 )

The Red Lokust Laboratory was first seen during Operation: Halcyon - ( Aug 2012 )

The Inferno can be found as part of the Defenses for the Level 95 Sector Bases.

However for the Player the Inferno, once unlocked CANNOT be place their War Commander Base Defense Platoon.

First appearance of a new Sector Goal Event Feature. - Inferno Convoy Base

First Special Event to have Event Bases with Patrolling Defenses. - War Commander Operation: Wildfire

First Special Event to have vXP Bonus Target War Commander Bases. - War Commander Operation: Wildfire

First Event Shop to display full portraits of event prizes. - Operation: Wildfire War Commander

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Red Lokust

“ Commander! Our scouts have found a small gathering of soldiers testing new equipment. It appears they have some sort of new flame throwing technique. Could it be the Ryu-Kai again? Our scouts did not see any Ryu-Kai Troops, but who would be so obsessed with flame weaponry? ”

— Event Message #1

“ Incoming Report! We sent in an Infiltrator and she has reported back. She could not understand the language they were speaking, but she did hear one name. "Sasha?" Have the Red Lokusts returned? Their leader Sasha's weapon engineering skills are legendary. I fear for what another Titan would mean in the hands of our enemies. ”

— Event Message #2

“ Scouts report sightings of a massive flamethrower super weapon. Sasha and her Red Lokusts have developed the most advanced flame technology we've ever seen. If her engineering mastery is as stories tell, this "Inferno" will be a terror of its own... but why has she switched from her signature air power to land warfare? ”

— Event Message #3


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