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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

War Commander Operation: Wargames 2 is the 92nd Special Event to be presented in War Commander. War Commander Players are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each War Commander objective in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock War Commander Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.

The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

All Players begin the event with 4 Restart Tokens.

Operation: Wargames 2 utilizes a updated version of the Faction Track System.


16 Total Main Track Missions ( 12 Attack & 4 Defense ).

Defense Missions are Optional and Retriable if initially failed.

Every forth Main Track Mission unlocks a Faction Track Mission.


4 Total Faction Track Missions ( All Attack ).

Faction Track Ally : Corpus, Sentinels & Survivors.

Units from all three factions may be used in each faction track base.

Additional Restart Tokens awarded for completing Mission #3.

Maximum Event Experience Points ( eXP ) payouts per fully completed pass of ALL tack missions :

1,298,000 eXP - Complete pass of all Main Track ( Attack & Defense ) and Faction Track Missions.

923,000 eXP - Main Track Missions Completed.

775,000 eXP - Attack Missions

148,000 eXP - Optional Defense Missions

375,000 eXP - Faction Track Missions

Level 1000 Sector Base :

Awards one from each of the following :

1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 Omega Shepherd Scrap Parts.

If a base is completed by a player with 80 Scrap Parts already the are awarded 5,000,000 Thorium instead of parts.

500, 1,000 or 1,500 Advanced Materials.

Platoon Infamy exchange will be disabled for the duration of the event.

Simulated Rogue Factions Antaganist in Main & Faction Track Bases :

Black Widows - F3 Base

Corpus - M5 • M7 Bases

Eastern Horde - M12 Base

Hellhounds - M6 • F1 Bases

Highway Zealots - M9 • M10 Bases

M.A.Y.H.E.M. - M3 Base

Onyx - M11 Base

Red Lokust - M1 • F2 Bases

Ryu-Kai - M4 Base

Sickle Syndicate - M2 Base

Sentinels - F4 Base

Verkraft - M8 Base

Simulated Boss Units faced in Faction Track Bases :

F1 Base - Kronos Boss

F2 Base - Sasha Boss

F3 Base - Nightshade Boss

F4 Base - ( In Order of Appearance )

War Rig Boss • Infected War Rig Boss • Shadow Boss • Darkstorm Boss • Juggernaut Boss

Hannibal Boss • Prophet Boss • Onyx Boss

Narrative Highlights

Enter narrative information here if applicable.


Operation: Wargames 2 is the 2nd Special Event to feature multiple R.U.B.I. Simulated Factions as the antagonist.

Previous R.U.B.I. Simulated event was :

Operation: Wargames ( November 2018 )

Completing the Minimum amount of missions to acquire additional Restart Tokens awards the following eXP per pass :

538,000 eXP - Required Main & Faction Track Missions completed ( Including Defense ).

305,000 eXP - For 9 Main Track Attack Missions ( 2-4, 6-7 & 10-12 ).

58,000 eXP - For 3 Main Track Defense Missions ( 1, 5 & 9 ).

175,000 eXP - For 3 Faction Track Attack Missions ( 1-3 ).

480,000 eXP - Required Main & Faction Track Missions completed ( Excluding Defense ).

305,000 eXP - For 9 Main Track Attack Missions ( 2-4, 6-7 & 10-12 ).

175,000 eXP - For 3 Faction Track Attack Missions ( 1-3 ).

Unit Repair Times were reduced by 50% across the board for the entirety of the event.

However, corresponding Gold cost for repairs were NOT reduced.

Advanced Materials were added to the Sector Base Arms Cache after the start of the event.

The ability to Sector Jump was NOT suspended during Operation: Wargames 2.

The last event to allow Sector Jumping during its run was Operation: ????.

Event Firsts & Records

War Commander Firsts :

First time Advanced Materials were awarded outside of a Advanced Material Deposit - Operation: Wargames 2

Special Event Firsts :

First Event to award Advanced Materials in an Arms Cache - Operation: Wargames 2

First Event to allow Units from any of the 3 Faction Allies to be used in each Faction Track Base - Operation: Wargames 2

First Event to release Tech ( Artemis Tech ) for the Faction Unit ( Artemis ) introduced in that event - Operation: Wargames 2

First Event to have all four Faction Track Bases as Single Attack Bases - Operation: Wargames 2

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Event Experience Points (eXP)

“ To make fun use of the relative calm created by the True Believers defeat, a training simulation is currently being developed composed of our more notable encounters through the years. ”

— Event Message #1

“ With their own resources freed up from constant battles, Corpus has had their research teams develop a fast assault vehicle capable of delivering a rapid strike and then escaping in haste. ”

— Event Message #2

“ While the simulation's primary purpose is to help training, it may well shed light on RUBI's recent unpredictable behavior or perhaps even her link to ONYX itself. ”

— Event Message #3

“ The Only Way to Survive is to Play. ”

— Event Message #4


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