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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

War Commander Operation: Road to Hell is the 74th Special Event to be presented in War Commander.

In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each objective in the allotted time the Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.

The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event Information


EVENT STARTS Feb 22, 2018


Sector Start Times

EVENT ENDS Feb 28, 2018

EVENT NUMBER 74 29 days since last Special Event

EVENT CLASS Hybrid Complete Missions on Both Attack and Defense Missions

ANTAGONIST Verkraft-Mini-ICON Verkraft Lead By : Dr. Heinrich von Kruger

EVENT DURATION 6 Days Event Shop remains open for additional 48 Hours.

EVENT PROGRESSION Tri-Faction Track System 4 Repeatable Tracks: Main ( Attack & Optional Defense ) • 3 Faction ( Attack )

FACTION TRACK ALLY Corpus-Mini-ICON • Sentinels-Mini-ICON • Survivors-Mini-ICON Deployable Units: All Corpus, Sentinels & Survivors Faction Units

All Players begin the Operation: Road event with 4 War Commander Restart Tokens.

War Commander Operation: Road to Hell utilizes a updated version of the Faction Track System.

War Commander Operation: Road to Hell is the 7th Special Event to feature the War Commander Verkraft faction as the antagonist.

War Commander Firsts :

First .... - War Commander Operation: Road to Hell

Special Event Firsts :

First Special Event .... - Operation: Road to Hell

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“ Kruger is seeking technology that lives deep underground. Shadow believes this could be advanced tech from before the Great War, which could provide Kruger a considerable advantage if he gets his hands on it. ”

— Event Message #1 [src]

“ We can't let Kruger acquire any advanced technology, as he's dangerous enough as it is. So, we'll be taking the fight to him with everything we've got! ”

— Event Message #2 [src]

“ However, Malachi is hopeful that this could be the next clue to the Machine God he has prophesied. What truth lies underneath the Sector? Perhaps it would be best if we never found out... ”

— Event Message #3 [src]

“ Kruger is seeking advanced technology that lives deep under the Sector. Can the allied Factions stop him before he gets it? Maybe with our help, they can! ”

— Event Message #4 [src]


Gallery - Event Messages

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Event Message #1


Event Message #2


Event Message #3


Event Message #4


Event Message #5


Event Message #6


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