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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

War Commander Operation: Iron Lord is the 30th Special Event to be presented in War Commander.

In most cases Commanders are challenged to complete increasingly more difficult objectives against one or more Rogue Factions. With the successful completion of each objective in the allotted time the War Commander Player is awarded with special Event Experience Points (eXP) which they may in turn use to unlock Special Event Prizes in the Event Shop.

The Event Format for each Special Event may vary, see below for more information.

Event Information


EVENT STARTS September 25, 2014 War Commander Operation: Iron Lord

Sector Start Times

EVENT ENDS October 01, 2014

EVENT NUMBER 30 29 Days since last Special Event

EVENT CLASS Hybrid Players Must Complete Both Attack and Defense Objectives

ANTAGONIST Ironstrike Commanded By : Odin

EVENT DURATION 6 Days Event Shop open an additional 48 Hours

War Commander Operation: Iron Lord is the third in the "IRON" series that started with Operation: Iron March followed by Operation: Iron Reign.

Operation: Iron Lord is the first Special Event to have a Last Chance sale be a Wave Checkpoint Prize.

Operation: Iron Lord holds the record for the most Sale Prizes ( Both WCP & eXP ) with 12.

War Commander Operation: Iron Lord is the first Special Event to offer Prizes that were not originally introduced and available via the Event Shop :

The Behemoth - Awarded for completing Wave 10 is also available

By the successful completion of Advanced Mission #3.

In the Gear Store for 390 Medals.

The Behemoth Schematic - Awarded for completing Wave 20 is also available

In the Gear Store for 150 War Commander Medals.

War Commander Operation: Iron Lord is the first Special Event to offer a Limited Tech Components as Prizes.

The maximum Shadow Ops ( Cycle 3 ) Damage Buff for Operation: Iron Lord is 8%.

Despite being referenced in the Event Instructions Operation: Iron Lord did not include Rush Bases.

The Mysterious Mech Army Leader originally referenced in the 2nd Event Message of Operation: Iron March was finally identified in War Commander Operation: Iron Lord as Goro Tazaki.

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External Links

R.U.B.I.'s Facebook : Operation: Iron Lord - (Official)

Kixeye Forum ( 09/16/14 ) - Public Preview - Operation: Iron Lord (Closed) ( Official ) - Preview Thread

Kixeye Forum ( 09/25/14 ) - Operation: Iron Lord ( Official ) - Event Thread

“ The power of Mech Mercenaries can no longer be denied. Mysterious figure Goro Tazaki has emerged as the leader of the mechanical army - alluding to his unstoppable faction as the remnants of the Ryu-Kai. Don't forget, Commander - keep your allies close, but your enemies closer. ”

— Pre-Event Description #1

“ Odin and the Ironstrike still hold a substantial part of the World Map in their clutches. Deploy your Mech Mercenaries and act before it's too late. Operation: Iron Lord begins 9/25 - can we count on you, Commander? ”

— Pre-Event Description #2

“ During event times, we tend to experience a higher number of players online, and this can cause some of the connection and attack issues you've experienced with.. I can assure you that our game team is working to ensure a stable and smooth event experience for everyone, and I thank you for your patience. If you have any other questions or gameplay issues, please respond to Kixeye on yor email as opening another ticket will slow down our ability to get back to you. Good luck out there! ”

— KIXEYE Announcement


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